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Next Generation
Delivery Platform

Introducing Blockchain Video Services (BVS). BVS is changing the economics of distributing video via distributed ledger technology and globally patented video data technology - for content creators, producers and distributors of video.  

Whether you want to increase your revenue ten-fold by participating directly in the BVS network, or extend your existing infrastructure by incorporating BVS SDKs to your production and monetization workflows, this next generation delivery platform is how to do it. 

BVS offers a fundamental shift in the technology of video distribution. Our patented technologies are the only ones in the world today that allow you to actually put your content on a blockchain — and therefore the only solution that gives you control of your asset in an un-trusted environment. 

Whether on public or private blockchain, BVS is the only technology that delivers on the promise of blockchain — protecting your content — while also enabling a fundamental shift in the transactional model of video, by letting smart contracts drive whole new monetization models.


“Content is king”! everyone yells. But whether you’re a seasoned studio executive trying to navigate the VOD wars and release-timing windows, or a brand new streamer, you know that the reality is, video distribution networks take an outsized proportion of revenue. Take your money back! 

BVS is designed from the ground up to serve your needs. This means making it easy for you to publish, promote, and monetize content; and easy for your audience to discover, purchase, and share your content. 

It’s that simple.

“You’ve been able to “pick your poison,” at least since the middle of the 19th Century, but what if you could pick your prize instead? 

BVS doesn’t constrain you to any fixed monetization model. You can choose what works best for you: free, ad funded, rental, purchase, subscription, or revenue share. In fact, you can make different choices on a piece-of-content basis, geographic basis, time basis, or any combination. 

Your subscribers get all of your content for $3 per month? Great! Non-subscribers get ad-funded, but $9 / view for anything over 20 minutes in length? No problem. Rental model, but if a renter recommends it and someone else rents based on that, they get $1? Sure, why not make your fans your distributors. Your business is your business. 

Do it the way you want.

Flexible Packages

The Tech

BVS works by leveraging distributed computing, globally patented video data technology and a publicly distributed database to materially change the economics of distributing video. 

The process involves virtualizing the video content into a decentralized model through the use of video-virtualization capability. 

The content is virtualized with 'pointers' to video content being the stored 'virtual media files' in the blockchain, alongside a decentralized access control list protocol layer (providing details of who has permission to gain access to the content after the financial terms are agreed. 

The solution provides trustiness, verified accounts, metadata and community voting. 

The Team

Hazem Khier

Joe Rinarelli

Tristan Place

Chris Richardson

Jodi Cutler

Vamsi Anusuri

Gerard Bongiorno

Sonja Moray

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